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Special Applications
Competition in the textile industry today has never been so severe, the demand for new products in the market is higher than any period of time in the human history.  Innovation with speed and consistency is the only way to satisfy the demands of the market.  The ability to develop innovative products has now become the determinant core competencies of the modern textile companies.

This ability to innovate requires an efficient tool to turn ideas into reality.  Production and sampling are of different characteristics. Hence, application of different tools is logical and has been proven to be the most efficient and economical way.  The investment on innovative tools, will greatly increase the returns on investment on production facilities and, will establish the long term competence of the enterprises.

We have started to learn from experiences since our first sampling loom was installed in the market.  After all these years CCI has accumulated a solid customer base around the world which becomes our strong backup for new product development.

Evergreen II is the new evolution which is installed with the essence of all the previous models.  It is full functional and can produce all kinds of woven samples from upholstery, apparel to industrial fabrics etc.  From the vast experiences we gained worldwide, Evergreen II performs smoothly at a higher speed with increased efficiency.  It caters to every intimate detail in sampling. The elegant ergonomic exterior design reflects its mature beauty.

CCI is able to provide a complete package in sampling solution.  Besides the sampling loom for woven fabrics, there are other optional auxiliary equipment like warping and sizing units.  There are important processes in sampling and are available as part of package according to individual's needs.
Shedding Device
The device could be installed with maximum 24 shafts and with higher speed resulting in higher efficiency.  To cope with higher speed, we install and upgrade the buffer system to ensure more smooth and stable movement.  It provides ease in operation and maintenance as usual.

Digital Warp Tension Control System
The system provides stable warp tension during weaving.  The tension value could be set and read from the computer directly, which simplifies the recording of the weaving parameters.

Weft Selection Device 
The device allows convenience in weaving multi weft-colour samples.  It can achieve complicated weft colour arrangements effectively and accurately.

Weft Break Detecting Device
The device is adjustment free which is suitable for most kinds of yarn materials.  An optional high speed rotary weft cutter is available for those special and coarse yarns.

Weft Insertion Device
The device on this loom is of single side rapier design, which is easier in adjustment and is suitable for a wider range of yarn.  This design ensures higher speed and better stability during running. 

Self-diagnostic Function
The function checks the status of internal devices in real time.  If an error occurs, the cause of the problem will be displayed on screen so the user can easily identify the problem and possible solution.

Access Door for Easy Maintenance
For efficient maintenance and repair works, the machine provides an easy-to-access door to create quick access and convenient maintenance, further cutting down on time wasting and associated costs.

Stand-alone Creel for Smooth Weft Delivery
Instead of incorporated creel device on machine, the stand-alone creel is fabricated for delivering weft yarn horizontally to the machine, which avoids yarn breakage for higher weaving efficiency.

Touch Screen and Windows Embedded OS Supported
The latest controller consists of a touch screen and touch pad.  The newly designed iconised interface gives the best experience ever in operation.  This sampling loom is installed with latest Microsoft Windows operating system and new software.  This technology offers high stability and easy to be managed.  Its strong online capability could perform remote access and control for maintenance through the internet.

The user friendly interface of the Dobbytronic is specially designed for use with the touch screen and provides an easy platform for 
inputing weaving parameters. The status of the loom is clearly displayed through icons and text.  

The built-in SEdit is a convenient editing software.  The editing of designs, weft & warp arrangements can be done on loom or on any separate PC.

Dr. SL
Dr. SL is a useful built-in diagnostic software.  It carries out inspection and testing of movements of the electrical & pneumatic parts as well as signals of the sensors.  Diagnosis could be performed on loom or by remote access through the internet.

Model Evergreen II
Weaving Width 500 mm / 900 mm
Speed 100 ppm maximum
Controller Industrial PC / Windows OS
Solid-State Drive (SSD) / Internet access via WiFi/Ethernet
Weft Selector 8 colours electronic weft selection device
Weft Creel Stand-alone weft creel
Fabric Take-up Electronically controlled
Weft density can be changed freely within the same weave
Warp Let-off Positive electronically controlled
Digital display of warp tension
Optional second & third beam assembly available
Shedding Computerized controller
20 heald frames driven pneumatically by air cylinders (1st & 2nd heald frames are for lenos and selvedges) 
Optional up to maximum 24 heald frames
Drawing-in Heald frames can be separated from the loom for healds and reeds drawing-in
Weft Insertion Single rapier weft insertion driven by servo-motor
Speed could be controlled independently through the computer
Beat-up Computer controlled driven independently by servo-motor
Positions and quantity of beat up could be adjusted
Weft Breaks Equipped with weft-break detecting device. Loom stops when weft breaks
Warp Breaks Optional warp stop device is available
Designing Built-in SEdit editing software
Air Consumption 2000 L/min. (500 mm width), 3000 L/min. (900 mm width),
air pressure 5-7 kgf/cm²
Power 220 V, single phase (500 mm width) / 3-phase (900 mm width), 50-60 Hz
Sampling Loom - Evergreen II


Sampling Loom - Evergreen II 900


Jacquard Sampling Loom - Evergreen J900


Terry Sampling Loom - Evergreen II 900 for Terry


Jacquard Terry Sampling Loom - Evergreen J900 for Terry


Sampling Loom for Carbon Fibre - Evergreen II for Carbon Fiber


Sampling Loom for Leno Weave Fabric - Evergreen II for Leno


Sampling Loom for Tubular Fabric - Evergreen II for Tubular Fabric