• Taroko
    Multi-spindle Sizing Machine
  • Mini Lutan
    Single-end Warping Machine
    Mini Lutan
    Integrated Single-end Warping Machine
  • Everdu-O
    The Duo for Sampling
  • Kebalan
    Servo Loom
  • Evergreen II
    Sampling Loom
    Evergreen II

CCI introduces a new way to make development of woven fabric a simple and fresh experience for all kinds of industry players from various sectors and segments.  You can effortlessly produce woven textile within hours without having to interrupt the production line of your factory or outsource to a textile manufacturer, saving time and reaching the market faster at lower cost.  Even non-technical person can quickly learn to operate the machine and you can still expect the same quality as on production line.
Traditional mass production machines have limited ability to handle woven sample or small quantity order and complicate the whole process which results in increased cost on material and labor.  Different from that, CCI's machines ranging from sizing, warping to weaving process are designed for easy installation and operation to work perfectly in small-scale applications like factory office, design studio & workshop, R&D center, educational & research institute, etc.  The machines come with many eye-catching features such as downsized dimensions, user-friendly interface and specially developed software, easy-to-use touch panel, computer-controlled technology and more.  Whether it is fabric design & verification, sample production, new material development or small quantity production, CCI aims to deliver the innovative and cost-effective machines to suit all your weaving requirements!