Mini Warper

  • SW550
  • SW550
SW550 is a specially made warping machine to be used in combination with the sampling loom.  It's equipped with a touch screen controller and utilizes similar computerized controls and interface to that of the sampling loom, which adds familiarity to the operation.  The warping process is mostly computerized, so minimum man power and yarn materials are required to produce beams for the sampling loom.

Model SW550
Speed 200 m/min maximum
Working Width 500 mm
Warping Length 3.6 m
Controller Industrial PC / Windows OS
Solid-State Drive (SSD) / Internet access via WiFi/Ethernet
Colour Change Shifting movements controlled by computer
Colour changed manually through alerts from computer
Yarn Breaks Equipped with yarn-break detecting device, machine stops when yarn breaks
Designing Built-in SEdit editing software
Air Consumption 10 L/min., air pressure 5-7 Kgf/cm²
Power 220 V, single phase, 50-60 Hz