Beam to Beam Sizing Machine

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FIREWALL is a "Beam to Beam" sizing machine, which gives high flexibility and is ideal for high quality products.  It utilizes unique Infra-red heating element for drying which requires no contact with the yarn.  The whole sizing process becomes relatively simpler and is ideal for spun yarn.  FIREWALL occupies less than half of the space of a conventional sizing machine and waste is drastically reduced.  It is the best tool for small orders.

* This product is only available upon request, and it is not for all markets.
Yarn Tension Control
The processing of the beam starts from a pneumatic tension controlled warping creel.  The computerized motors control precisely the warp tensions to give the proper draft ratio.  It ends up in the beaming unit, which moves electrically up and down with transverse movements.

Size Box
The size box consists of an immersion roller and a pair of squeezing rollers.  In addition to its pneumatic design that supplies strong and adjustable squeezing tension, the oval shape of the rollers ensures even tension is distributed amongst every single warp.

Size Cooker
The electrical size cooker, either direct or indirect heated, is featured with safe and simple operation.  Different size circulating paths could automatically be achieved through computerized controlled valve and pump.

Infra-red for Drying
Infra-red in form of radiation, with the help of hot air convection dries the yarns without any contact with them.  It is more convenient in operation when compared with the conventional method.

Splitting Assembly
The splitting assembly separates the sized and dried warp yarn into layers for higher production efficiency and better fabric quality.

Beaming Unit
The automatic beaming unit is via electrical control for efficient weaving preparation.  Moreover, with adapter, it can handle a variety of loom's beam.

User-friendly Interface
The user interface under the Windows Embedded OS allows the setting of different variables for controlling the machine; it also records all production data.  It can also connect the system to Internet to carry out maintenance remotely.

Model Firewall
Working Width 2200 mm maximum 
Flange Diameter  of Beam 1000 mm maximum
Warp Let-Off  Pneumatic Tension Controlled
Sizing Speed 2-15 m/min 
Size Cooker Direct or in-direct electrical heated / 40-100°C (optional)
Size Box 3 rollers for squeezing and immersion 
Size Circulation Computerized circulating system
Drying Cabinet Infra-red heating elements - 18 units
Even air circulation / distribution system
Energy Consumption for Drying 19.8 KW 
Drying Temperature 40-100°C
Waxing Unit  Electrical heater, speed adjustable motor
Beaming Unit Electrically controlled beam lifting and traversing
Controller  PC based controller / Windows Embedded OS
Compressed Air 5-9 kgf/cm²
Power 220 V, 50-60 Hz, 3-phases