Single-end Warping Machine

Warping is an important preparation process for weaving.  Those available traditional warping methods all have their own strengths and weaknesses.  However, the basic principles and ways of warping do not have many changes, even after all these years of continuous improvement on the design of warping equipment.  There is still the need to prepare a considerable quantity of bobbins and the complicated operation is always the constraint.  The implementation of single-end warping which is the wish of most weavers brings not only more conveniences and higher efficiencies, but also leads to fundamental changes in the ways of production.

The demand for small quantity orders is becoming more and more popular and this set the format for future business.  Under these circumstances, new production techniques with high flexibility are continuously being introduced into the industries.  Single-end warping is one of those, which requires minimum one bobbin to do the job.  The process is highly automated and fully satisfies the flexible nature of short run warping.  This also dramatically increases the efficiencies of sampling and small quantity production.

LUTAN is unique in its design that uses a Ring warping.  This completely new way of warping gives the best quality warp beams. LUTAN provides two different sizes of drum to meet the different requirements in warping length.  There are also two kinds of creel of different designs for different applications.  There is always a suitable combination from the specifications to fulfill different request on product characteristics and quantity.
Ring Design
The design of the Ring can withstand high speed running under long hours.  Its rotating and traversing movements are controlled by different servo-motors.  Speed and positions are all controlled precisely by computer

Leasing Hooks
All leasing hooks are driven pneumatically.  The hooks are detachable which allow easy operation and avoid damage on warp.  This increases the overall quality of the warp beam.

Leasing Rods
All leasing rods are installed on a stand which moves laterally.  This stand is controlled by servo-motor and is synchronized with the movement of the Ring.  This will ensure the leasing hooks to carry out leasing at the correct positions.

Beaming Unit
The beaming unit transfers the warp from the drum to the weaving beam through the electrically driven lifting arms and traversing device.  Only one operator is required for this simple operation.


The Ring rotates and with its traverse actions controls and winds the warp in its required position on the drum. Minimum one bobbin is required for warping and once the warp is wound on the drum its position is fixed.  This maintains the best quality of the warp.

Every leasing rod is equipped with a leasing hook at its end.  The actions of the leasing hook determine the positions of the warp to be over or under the leasing rod.  This action separates the required warp for leasing and "heads picking".

There are several leasing rods on the Lutan and each has different function.  The most important one is for controlling the length of the warp.  This rod performs "heads picking" during warping according to the designed length after specified rounds.  The required length of warp will be achieved after cutting the sheet of warp resulted from the “head picking”.

After winding on the drum and "heads picking" is achieved with the leasing string ready in place.  The warp sheet could be transferred to the weaving beam on the beaming unit.  Warping is done.

Model LUTAN v3.6 LUTAN v5.0
Working Width 2200 mm 2200 mm
Warping Length 11 - 200 m
(Dependent on warp materials used)
15 - 500 m
(Dependent on warp materials used)
Warping Speed Stationary Creel
- 600 m/min maximum

Rotatory Creel 
- 7200 m/min maximum (12 bobbins)
(Dependent on warp materials used)

Rotatory Creel 
- 9600 m/min maximum (16 bobbins)
(Dependent on warp materials used)
Drum Circumference 3.6 m 5.0 m
Beaming Unit Lifting and traversing speeds are adjustable and electrically controlled
Creel Stationary Creel
- Up to 8 colours maximum
- Computerized automatic colour change
- Equipped with 8 accumulators and positive yarn guide device
Rotatory Creel
- Accommodate up to 12 bobbins 
and warp simultaneously
- Equipped with 12 accumulators
- Equipped with colour changing device
Rotatory Creel
- Accommodate up to 16 bobbins 
and warp simultaneously
- Equipped with 16 accumulators
- Equipped with colour changing device
Leasing Device Equipped with 5 leasing rods with detachable leasing hooks Equipped with 8 leasing rods with detachable leasing hooks
Warp Arrangement Built-in SEdit editing software  
Controller Industrial PC / Windows OS
Solid-State Drive (SSD) / Internet access via WiFi/Ethernet
Optional Device Waxing unit  
Air Consumption 200 L/min., air pressure 5-7 kgf/cm²
Power 220 V, 3-phase, 50-60 Hz