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As the textile market today becomes more competitive, the development of modern textile products requires a more effective and innovative approach to stay ahead of the market.  CCI is fully committed to sampling solutions for varied weaving application to make the development of textile products more simple and efficient.

Leveraging its sampling expertise, CCI presents Kebalan to serve the needs of diverse weaving & textiles applications, particularly suitable for the development of special or other functional fabrics.  Kebalan is the first intelligent automatic Servo Loom - including numerous advanced features such as Individual Servo Motor Shedding Device, Dynamic Warp & Weft Tension Capability, Digital Packs which owns powerful parameters archives system, Convenient Maintenance Door, and more features.

The new servo loom can set and control all weaving motions respectively via individual servo motor while provides great ability of recording and analysis.  It brings significant increase in operating accuracy, efficiency, and ultimately delivers great fabric quality.  Additionally, Kebalan is capable of simulating the operation conditions of production loom to create a sample cloth of exactly the same quality as the production line. 

Kebalan is a perfectly ideal solution for new product development, research and even small quantity production purposes, and thus substantially improve overall operational efficiency and save research cost.
Individual Servo Shedding Device
The shedding device utilizes Servo Motors driven by computer to accurately set speed, timing and position for each motion and their correlation, considerably increasing the possibility of making all kinds of fabrics.  Each heald frame is driven by an individual servo motor that allows various settings for shedding motion.  In particular, the driver installed on the servo motor can send feedback during the working of the loom, so that the position, timing and speed of the heald frame can be precisely monitored and controlled.

Digital Packs
The machine is equipped with CCI’s unique Digital Packs which can keep track of every parameter that was set up.  These parameters will be built into the library as a reference for setting on production loom.  It is very useful for user to recall parameters archives from libraries without having to reset those parameters, achieving seamless development or re-production of woven products.  
Dynamic Warp & Weft Tension Capability
In the weaving process, the tension of the warp and weft yarns is constantly changing.  Kebalan has ability to make complete record & control of warp and weft yarn tension during running, not only the static tension record but also the dynamic tension control; so user is allowed to analyze the tension that affects the weave or causes of yarn breaks.  This is also one of the functions of the Digital Packs.

Beat-up & Weft Insertion Device Synchronization
Both motions can be set respectively, or synchronized to simulate the electro-mechanical shedding on production loom to create a sample cloth of exactly the same quality as the production line.

Beat-up Device
The beat-up device is controlled independently by an individual servo-motor.  The use of the servo motor to push the conjugated cams enhances beat-up strength and enables faster speed and higher precision.

Weft Insertion Device
The weft insertion is also constructed by the servo motors with a new rail design to increase strength, speed and operating precision.  Besides, the device on the loom is of single side rapier with positive gripper design, which is easier in adjustment and is suitable for a wider range of yarn.

Weft Selection Device
The weft selection device is controlled by an individual servo motor which ensures accurate weft selection motion to give better handling of extensive yarn types.  In addition, the weft selection device allows convenience in weaving multi weft-colour samples.  It can achieve complicated weft colour arrangements effectively and accurately.

Access Door for Easy Maintenance
For efficient maintenance and repair works, the machine incorporates an easy-to-access door for conducting maintenance, further cutting down on time wasting and associated costs.

Electronic Take-up and Let-off System
Warp tension could be displayed and set through the computer on this electronic take-up and let-off system.  Variable weft densities could be obtained during weaving.  It gives the simplest settings and operations.

Touch Screen with Windows OS
The controller utilizes the latest Windows operating system, new software and touch screen for easy operation and high system stability.  Benefited by this technology, even non-technical person can quickly learn to operate the machine and you can still expect the same quality as on production line.

The interface of the Dobbytronic is specially designed for use with the touch screen.  The status of the loom is clearly displayed through icons and text.  Its user friendly interface provides an easy platform for inputing weaving parameters.
The built-in SEdit is a convenient editing software.  The editing of designs, weft & warp arrangements can be done on loom or on any separate PC.
Dr. SL
Dr. SL is an useful built-in diagnostic software.  It carries out inspection and testing of movements of the electrical & pneumatic parts as well as signals of the sensors.  Diagnosis could be performed on loom or by remote access through the internet.

Model Kebalan
Weaving Width 500 mm
Speed 300 ppm maximum
Controller Industrial PC / Windows OS
Solid-State Drive (SSD) / Internet access via WiFi/Ethernet
Weft Selector 8 colours weft selection device
Weft Creel Stand-alone weft creel equipped with accumulators
Fabric Take-up Electronically controlled
Weft density can be changed freely within the same weave
Warp Let-off Positive electronically controlled
Digital display of warp tension
Optional second beam assembly available
Shedding Computerized controller
8/16 heald frames driven by individual servo-motor
Drawing-in Heald frames can be separated from the loom for healds and reeds drawing-in
Weft Insertion Single rapier weft insertion driven by servo-motor
Speed could be controlled independently through the computer
Beat-up Computer controlled driven independently by servo-motor
Positions and quantity of beat up could be adjusted
Weft Breaks Equipped with weft-break detecting device
Loom stops when weft breaks
Warp Breaks Optional warp stop device is available
Designing Built-in SEdit editing software
Air Consumption 200L/min., air pressure 5-7 kgf/cm²
Power 220 V, 3-phase, 50-60 Hz