The Duo for Sampling

  • Everdu-O
  • Everdu-O
Everdu-O is an innovative product ever!  The machine innovatively combines Weaving, Warping, and even Drawing-in functions together with the new concept of Integrated Design.  And that means, you can effortlessly complete a piece of fabric sample just on One Machine!  It offers the quickest way to see the result of your design or produce the samples that your customers request urgently.  With the brand new sampling solution, you can enjoy a streamlined experience from Easy Installation & Operation to Responding Quickly to Changing Markets.  

Effective and fast sampling shouldn't be limited to huge budget and dedicated weaver team.  Everdu-O is designed to make fabric sample production simpler and give customers more flexibility in their production planning.  In addition, it comes with a weaving width of 400 mm and warping length up to 2.2 m which is ideal for quick production of woven sample any time.  Designed with the mindset of reduced machine dimensions, the machine can blend perfectly into any working environment without space concern.  

For CCI's existing customers, the machine can effectively serve as an additional tool of product simulation for very urgent request.  For new customers who demand a quick solution, the machine can serve as a useful tool for them.  Moreover, Everdu-O is also capable of supporting research needs for educational institute.  

No matter what you need, Everdu-O enables you to produce most woven textiles in a fast way!  It is simple, efficient, and gives you more possibilities!

* This product is only available upon request, and it is not for all markets.
Integrated Design
The concept of Integrated Duo Design ensures simplicity, efficiency and cost effectiveness.  You can conveniently finish main jobs of both warping and weaving (including drawing-in) just on one machine.

Minimum Cost 
The machine combines main functions of both warping and weaving into one machine for easy production of fabric swatch.  It is suitable for users who have consideration of limited budget and space.

Easy to Use and Maintain 
CCI simplifies the machine as much as possible so that everyone can easily operate it.  The machine has user-friendly interface, specially developed software, easy-to-use touch panel, and computer-controlled technology.  In order to perform convenient maintenance and repair, the machine incorporates easy-to-access doors to cut down on time wasting and associated costs.

Space Saving
Featuring reduced machine dimensions, the integrated machine requires less space which makes it easily fit any space like workshop or R&D office.

Plug n Play
The machine features plug-and-play easy installation. You can do it on your own and save cost of installation service.  We provide complete tutorial package for machine installation, operation, and editing software.  Of course, both on-site and online installation services are also available upon your request. It is simple, quick and economical!

Shedding Device
The device could be installed with maximum 16 shafts and with higher speed resulting in higher efficiency.  To cope with higher speed, we install and upgrade the buffer system to ensure more smooth and stable movement. It provides ease in operation and maintenance as usual.

Digital Warp Tension Control System
The system provides stable warp tension during weaving.  The tension value could be set and read from the computer directly, which simplifies the recording of the weaving parameters.

Weft Selection Device
The device allows convenience in weaving multi weft-colour samples.  It can achieve complicated weft colour arrangements effectively and accurately.

Weft Insertion Device
The device on this loom is of single side rapier design, which is easier in adjustment and is suitable for a wider range of yarn.  This design ensures higher speed and better stability during running.

Self-diagnostic Function
The function checks the status of internal devices in real time.  If an error occurs, the cause of the problem will be displayed on screen so the user can easily identify the problem and possible solution.

The user friendly interface of the Dobbytronic is specially designed for use with the touch screen and provides an easy platform for eaving parameters input. The status of the loom is clearly displayed through icons and text.

The built-in SEdit is an convenient editing software.  The editing of designs, weft & warp arrangements can be done on loom or on any separate PC.

Dr. Duo
Dr. Duo is a useful built-in diagnostic software.  It carries out inspection and testing of movements of the electrical & pneumatic parts as well as signals of the sensors.  Diagnosis could be performed on loom or by remote access through the internet.
Model Everdu-O
Weaving Width 400 mm
Weaving Speed 50 ppm maximum
Weft Selector 6 colours electronic weft selection device
Fabric Take-up Electronically controlled
Weft density can be changed freely within the same weave
Warp Let-off Positive electronically controlled
Shedding Computerized controller
16 heald frames driven pneumatically by air cylinders (1st & 2nd heald frames are for lenos and selvedges)
Weft Insertion Single rapier weft insertion driven by air cylinder
Beat-up Computer controlled driven independently by servo-moter
Weft Breaks Equipped with weft-break detecting device. Loom stops when weft breaks
Warping Width 400 mm
Warping Speed 130 m/min maximum
Warping Length 2.2 m
Colour Change Shifting movements controlled by computer
Colour changed manually through alerts from computer
Yarn Breaks during Warping Equipped with yarn-break detecting device, machine stops when yarn breaks
Drawing-in Healds and reeds drawing-in on the machine
Controller Industrial PC / Windows OS
Solid-State Drive (SSD) / Internet access via WiFi/Ethernet
Designing Built-in SEdit editing software
Air Consumption 700 L/min., air pressure 5-7 kgf/cm²
Power 220 V, single phase, 50-60 Hz