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While the supply of raw materials and natural resources are inadequate to meet the world's demand, which leads to the dramatic increase in costs for the textile industries.  With the severe competitions from within the same field worldwide, the textile companies today are facing the most hostile business environments ever.  The only way out is to improve own core competence through delivering innovative products.  To develop a systematic way to produce innovative products, which in return gives competitive advantages in the long term, has now become a hot topic amongst the textile entrepreneurs.

CCI has developed a series of sampling solutions which have now been adopted by many weavers all over the world.  The latest released equipment includes a brand new premium sampling loom - The Studio, which could accommodate more heald frames and handle more weft colours.  A fully automatic loom with simpler operations is suitable for a wider range of yarn which results in improved weaving capabilities.  This will bring to all weavers a fresh experience in sampling with increased efficiency.

* Due to the limited production capacity, this product is not available for all markets.


Weft Selection Device
The latest weft selection device consists of a motorized selection rod and a circular weft plate driven by a stepping motor.  This revolutionary design can handle up to maximum 12 weft colours.

Shedding Device
The new shedding device is driven directly by servo-motor which provides a powerful heart for this new generation sampling loom.  It gives higher speed and adjustable sheddings.  Further, it could accommodate up to 24 heald frames for complex weaves and can withstand higher warp tension.

Rotary Weft Cutter
Electrical rotary weft cutter is safe and easy to be adjusted.  It is designed for the new high-speed sampling loom and is suitable for a much wider range of weft yarn.

Weft Insertion
Weft insertion is driven independently by servo-motor and utilizes the most versatile rigid rapier type.  Its modular design allows ease in maintenance and provides convenient adjustments through the computer directly.

Beat-up Device
The beat-up device is controlled independently by servo-motor.  It generates strong and accurate beat-up which is important for achieving perfect weaving effects.  Speed, time and position are all computerized resulting in the highest flexibility.

Electronic Take-up and Let-off System
Warp tension could be displayed and set through the computer on this electronic take-up and let-off system.  Variable weft densities could be obtained during weaving. It gives the simplest settings and operations.

Different types of temples could be installed to meet the requirements of different fabrics in order to achieve the best weaving results. 

Electrical Cover
The new loom could be equipped with an electrical cover which closes and opens automatically.  This "fully-covered" design gives improved safety and a sleek outlook (optional).

Quick Loading System
Changing of styles is frequent on sampling looms.  The new quick loading system ensures the heald frames to be fixed and released easily by one single operation.  The loading and unloading of heald frames has now become an easy task.

Touch Screen with Windows OS​
The brand new touch pad for the controller and touch screen for the display to facilitate the computer operation not only with clear icons but becomes also more direct.  It is now easier to learn and to operate.  The controller of the loom utilizes the new generation Windows operating system.  It is a tailor made working platform for the loom and remains high stability even under the most hostile environments.  It keeps the user friendly interface but performs professionally at industrial level.

Industrial Grade Components and Internet Connection
Electrical circuits are made up of industrial grade components.  The motherboard is for industrial application, which installed inside a specially made cabinet.  In addition, with the use of anti-vibration and low energy consumption SSD solid-state hard disk (without movable parts hard disk), the overall performance of the controller is improved and becomes highly reliable.  Transfer of design related and other information is possible through the built-in Ethernet, which is compatible with most intranets within the company.  It could also link up with the INTERNET allowing remote control on maintenance and upgrade of software.  Loom testing or other operation related trials could also be performed making distance not a limit anymore.

It's a built-in editing software.  Editing off loom is also possible by installing the software on other desktop or notebook computers.  It supports both graphic and text input.  Besides basic weaves designing features, it could also allow warp and weft arrangements to be done.  Other special features like setting for cramming, fringe and variable weft densities could also be co-existed in the same design file. 

The loom driver software is equipped with the same user-friendly interface as the previous versions, but offers more options. Operations through icons and text are possible and weaving could easily be achieved using default values.  Advance users can set up custom data for special applications.

Dr. Studio
It's a built-in software and is a powerful tool for diagnosing problems on mechanical parts of the loom.  It helps operators to carry out different testing and is a helpful tool for daily routine maintenance.


Model The Studio
Weaving Width 500 mm
Speed 150 ppm maximum
Weft Selector 12 colours electronic weft selection device
Weft Creel Stand-alone weft creel
Fabric Take-up Electronically controlled
Weft density can be changed freely within the same weave
Warp Let-off Positive electronically controlled
Warp tension could be displayed and set through the computer
Shedding Computerized controlled
Maximum 24 heald frames driven by servo-motor. Adjustable Shedding
Draw-in Heald frames can be separated from the loom for healds and reeds draw-in
Weft Insertion Single rapier weft insertion driven by servo-motor
Speed oculd be controlled independently through the computer
Beat-up Computerized servo-motor controlled. Beat-up could be achieved in different positions
Weft Breaks Electronic weft-break detecting device
Loom stops when weft breaks
Warp Breaks Warp-break detecting device. Loom stops when warp breaks (Optional)
Designing Built-in SEdit editing software
Air Consumption 50 L/min., air pressure 5-7 kgf/cm²
Power 220 V, 3-phase, 50-60 Hz
Controller Industrial PC / Windows OS
Solid-State Drive (SSD) / Internet access via WiFi/Ethernet